A Little Something Different by Sandy Hall (Book Review)

20801166Goodreads Ratings: 4 out 5 Stars

A Little Something Different by Sandy Hall is such a cute and adorable story! It’s actually about these two college students named Lea and Gabe. From the first moment these two adorable students have met in their Creative Writing Class, they were totally meant for one another. Both of them are so shy, and have no idea that they have a mutual crush. And the problem is that they don’t know what to do about these weird feelings! Even those people around them knew that they are totally perfect for each other! For Lea and Gabe are the perfect soul mates. Plus, even the so called Universe is doing everything to make sure, that these two sweet people would totally end up together! And that’s what makes this story so fun to read. 

 It was actually last August while I was browsing Goodreads, that I’ve first noticed this book. The summary is intriguing, and its reviews seemed kinda okay. So I’ve decided to get my own eBook copy.

10716236_10201919001775716_1808382621_nBy the time that I’ve started reading this book, that’s when I knew that there are actually 14 POV’s, and none of these two main characters Lea and Gabe were included! It’s really refreshing for me, for it’s actually my first time to read a book that has tons of POV’s! This style of writing is kinda nice because it gives us readers a whole new perspective in each supporting characters in the story, to who they are, and to really understand their actual role in the love story of Lea and Gabe. But the downside to it would be being kinda confused while reading it, for every time I jumped into one character/POV to another. It’s kinda hard to focus one’s thought into the story. For example, I was reading the POV of Sam (Gabe’s Older Brother), and then suddenly, here comes the POV of Casey (Gabe’s Friend). So in some ways, I tend to be a little bit lost, and I try to remind myself that the POV that I’m now reading is now different from the ones that I’ve read before. If it weren’t for those little descriptions to who they are in the two main characters life, I would have been totally lost! And of all the different POV’s that I’ve encountered, I think the Starbucks Barista and the Creative Writing Teacher are definitely my favorite!

Reading this book in just one day has definitely put so many smiles on my face, especially yesterday when I was reading it at a coffee shop. I can totally imagine those people sitting near my table, wondering about this girl sitting alone, and so hooked into what she’s reading. For I just tend to smile every time I came across a very cute scene in the story.

For those who are into a sweet young adult romance, but something that is not too cliché, then this book is definitely for you!


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