Hello! October! A Time For Something New and Refreshing

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Finally! The perfect month for a late night cozy reading in bed or lounging in a Coffee Shop, drinking the soothing smell of one’s favorite tea (or coffee!), and of course, eating a very sweet cake!

October is definitely my most favorite month of the year. And I just can’t believe that its been a year since I’ve celebrated my birthday month. I must say, its been a very challenging year for me. I’ve experienced so many ups and downs this past few months. Even though that things are kinda difficult right now, and I have no idea what the future truly entails for me. But all in all I could say that I’ve been blessed in so many unexpected ways. For what’s really important right now is counting one’s blessing, and being grateful for everything (even if its as small as measurement!), than moping around and thinking of what it might have been. Plus, I’m so grateful for my family and close friends unconditional support during this difficult times, for without them, I would have been totally lost and hopeless.


In this past few weeks, I’ve doing a lot of soul searching. Then I’ve realized, I have to ease my mind about everything, and just go with the flow. I may not be the most religious person, but I have faith in God, that whatever it is that I’m going through right now, its something that I must experience in order learn and grow as a person. I just truly hope and pray that one day, everything will just fall into place. And years from now, when I’ll look back and think about these moments, I knew that such an experience have molded me to be who I really wanted to be.


Well, enough about it! Its time to look forward to something new and refreshing in my life. Time to let go of the past and just go with the flow. For things are definitely going to be okay. I just have to be positive and be strong about everything. In a few days from now, its going to be my 25th birthday. A time to look forward to a whole new experiences and memories to treasure and to learn! For those who are also celebrating their birthdays this month. “Happy Birthday in Advance!”


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