Landline by Rainbow Rowell (Book Review)

5e039b15ef40e6b12c185e983aaa471fWell I must say this book has turned out to be a bit of a surprise to me after reading it. Not because of the story itself. It’s just that from the very beginning. I knew that this novel is definitely not going to be my typical cup of tea. But the surprising part is that I’ve finished reading this in just a short period of time.

924163_306541359555670_1911660338_nDon’t get me wrong, it is a nice story, but it’s definitely not one of Rainbow Rowell’s best works. It’s just that as a reader, I didn’t get to feel that connection that I was really looking for into the story. Is it because that I’ve never been in a relationship or I don’t have any idea about this so called MARRIAGE LIFE? I don’t know. So that is why I’m giving it 2.5 ratings in my review on Goodreads.


Landline is a story about Georgie McCool, a screenwriter in a TV Sitcom. She may seem to be on top of the world with a very nice job. But in her personal life, she is on the verge of losing her 15 years of marriage to her husband Neal. A marriage that has been in trouble for a long time. So when fate gave her the chance fixed things using her old telephone. She had used that opportunity in order to find that one missing piece in her marriage by going through her “time warp” phone conversations with her husband, and also to save the love the she knows that is still there between her and Neal.

752de16cc347bc2d9eade2e7fd1bbd3fReading this book was a very enlightening one. But I just can’t help myself from being irritated to Georgie. I know that it takes to two to build up a marriage, and it takes to two crumble it down. But the thing is, how can a wife prioritize her work over her family? That’s insane! Especially on a very special holiday, it’s no wonder that Neal is losing his patience towards her. So it’s a good thing that during those times that she was away from her family. It gave her the time to reflect from all of her mistakes, and to do things right.


I may not have found this book very enticing for my taste. But at least I’ve learned something while reading this book. And that is when you’ve found the one. It doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s all the happily ever after that we are looking for. It doesn’t end there; it is actually the beginning of something new into the couple’s lives. There may be tough times, but what’s really important is the strength to hold into; holding into the love and companionship that they have for one another. And when they have it, then it’s enough to fight it and give things a second chance; A chance to really make it through. Not because of their children, but for the love that is worth fighting for.


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