The Sea of Tranquility by Katja Millay (Book Review)

e44d3f21921bfd5d6c6cddac797e0f09The Sea of Tranquility has been one of those novels that I’ve always heard of, and being recommended to me, but never got the chance to read it. Since last year, I’ve been reading these positive reviews on Goodreads, but I still haven’t got that appetite for it. Then suddenly a few months ago, I was just surfing online and that’s when I saw this novel. So I read the reviews again, the ratings were all kinda impressive. I’ve finally asked a friend of mine who’ve already read the book. She said that it’s surely a must read for it’s really a wonderful story. In reading the first few chapters; it all seems so mysterious. Tons of questions just keeps on running into my head, and that’s when it has gotten me hooked. I also knew by the time that I’ve started reading this; it is definitely going to be one of my favorites. And I was right!


I must say, this novel is so not the Young Adult kind of novel that one would usually read. There’s just something about it that makes the whole story so romantic, and at the same time so mysterious. I guess it’s the level of maturity that the reader would tend to feel while reading this book. Yes, it is a love story but it mostly focuses on the concept of the real meaning of acceptance and healing.

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As for the story, I really like the author’s style of writing both point-of-views of the two main characters Nastya Kashnikov and Josh Bennet. For it was able to make me understand the reasons as to why they seemed so damaged. It also points out all the real feelings that they really wanted to express, but are so afraid to reveal to those people around them. Both of them are the kind of people who are just living a life but doesn’t seem like living at all. Josh Bennet may seem your typical teenage boy, but a lot of things have happened to him in the past that made him seem so mature and older than most boys of his age. He just lost it; believing that being near him is like being cursed. As for Nastya Kashnikov, she used to be someone who was so full of life; living a life full of sunshine, love from her family and enjoying her passion which was playing the piano. Until all of it was taken away from her. What happened to her has caused her to build a whole new life, but for her it’s all a lie. It’s like living in a box and with the past always trying haunt her. And that’s when fate steps in. For finding each other is what made them save themselves from their miserable lives.

It’s a love story that doesn’t seem so cheesy for all the readers out there. And that’s what made me enjoyed my time in reading it. I’ve realized that one should appreciate and be grateful for second chances. Not all of us in this world are being given the chances to do something right into our lives. One should also never forget that no matter what happens, the love and support from our friends and family will always be there no matter what. Plus, to love and accept who we really are. I’m writing my review for this book for the reason that I wanted to share it to those who are still planning to read this wonderful novel; the beauty and wonder in reading such a unique kind of love story is simply amazing. It may not be as hugely popular as those other young adult novels. But I just hope that they would be able to feel and realize while reading it, that it’s a story that will purely touch them.


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