The Love Detective by Alexandra Potter (Book Review)

10867233_10202338905153038_817073493_nWow! What an ADVENTURE!

As I’ve started reading the first few chapters of Alexandra Potter’s new novel, I thought it was really going to be insanely boring. But I was totally wrong! Not only the book cover is really cute and catchy for all the female readers out there. Even the story is actually quite nice. So what made this novel a bit humorous to read? Its those witty lines! I just can’t stop myself from laughing every time I encountered a very funny scene in the book.

Reading this book is also like being part of Ruby Miller’s unexpected adventure to the multicultural land of India. Its as if I was actually there, sinking it all in! Absorbing all those descriptions about these different places, famous landmarks, Indian food, Indian Culture, Traditional Outfits, and of course the very famous Chai Tea! It really just makes me wanna experience it so badly!

Well, if your someone who’ve really enjoyed Elizabeth Gilbert’s “Eat, Pray, Love”, then surely you are really going to like this Chick-Lit novel.


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