Love, Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli (Book Review)

stargirlandlovestargirlaLove, Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli is such a beautifully written novel. This second book in the series is so much different from the first one. For in the sequel, I was able to understand more about its main character named Stargirl Caraway. At first, I really had a hard time trying to appreciate her for she’s a girl with such a different personality. Which is kind of weird, but what I truly admire about her is her being real and unique. In the first book, it was all about Leo’s Point-of View. His thoughts and feelings about the girl he has a crush on named Stargirl/Susan. In which he was also facing a dilemma whether to be with her, and be rejected by the whole school; or choose them and not be part of their vendetta against her. You could also conclude while reading his POV that meeting her has definitely changed his life forever. So in the second book, it’s now all about Stargirl’s Point-of-View, her heartaches and determination to move on from her love for Leo.

I must say, this sequel is so beyond unexpected. In the prequel, Stargirl is someone who is so hard to relate into, that sometimes I feel so confuse about her. But in the sequel, she just seems so ordinary. Just reading about her made me realize that she is just like any other character in a young adult novel. But she has this conviction to be true to herself; that she really doesn’t care about what other people might think about her. For she believes that she doesn’t want to be someone who needs to pretend to be somebody else so that she could fit in, and lose herself along the way. She is someone who I could say, a person who is born to stand out. What I also like about her is her having such a warm and passionate heart, not only to her love one’s, but even to those strangers around her.

eb12b100b06c8017dc35851b674c119cThis book actually came at the right time when I needed it. For two years ago, I was in a moment that I was struggling so hard. So while I was reading the novel, all the answers that I’ve been looking for during those agonizing days were just there. Those quotes that I was reading were like an enlightenment to what I should really do about what’s happening to me. And for that I’m so thankful for the author for writing a very thought-provoking novel.

As I write the last part of my review, I must say that this is a very good book to read. A story that is worth reading for; that many of its readers can truly relate themselves into. For it gives us a chance to look back, and take a glimpse of our teenage years. So if you’re a bookworm, and you still haven’t read this novel. Then please do so. For its so beautiful, and so unforgettable.



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