Fifty Shades of Grey (A Movie Review)


The film adaptation of E.L. James’ best selling novel is a story about a college student Anastasia Steele being blown into the world of Seattle’s billionaire Christian Grey. A world that is so beyond her innocent mind. Also, it has turned into a life changing experience for her especially after meeting him for an interview.

From the very beginning, I just knew that the movie is really going to be “Intense” and “Awkward”. But in the end, I did not prepared myself to be so shocked by it; even though that I’ve read the book for like thrice already! Its beautifully made, and I salute the film’s director Sam Taylor-Johnson for giving light into the story without making it too hard for its viewers. Giving its viewers a chance to really focused into the love story itself, and not the sex part. Though it cannot be avoided, but still, she made it in a sensual kind of way. And if you’ve read the book, it is quite obvious that it was much more detailed and shocking than the film adaptation.

For someone who’ve read it, I really like the idea that the flow of the story in every scene in the film was just the way it was described in the novel. Even if there were some scenes that were cut, and altered just so that it could fit into the time frame of 125 minutes of running time. And as I keep on saying, it’s a movie. What you see is what you get. But if you’ve read the book first, then watch the film adaptation. It’s when that you’ll understand each character, and the story itself; their feelings, emotions, and what really goes into their minds. Then again, the flow of the story will never be put into detail in the film. A visual story that will just go along the actors acting.


As for the two main characters, Dakota Johnson really did blew me away. For she is definitely Anastasia Steele; she really is that awkward, innocent, clumsy, and smart girl in the novel. I mean, I just love the way she presents herself as a simple girl. Plus, her lines and actions just makes everything more hilarious. And then there’s Jamie Dornan as Christian Grey. Now that is something that I would really like to write about. Honestly, I just can’t find his whole persona as the character itself. Although there are times that he is Christian Grey, and then in some scenes, he is not! But I can see why they have chosen him is the lead actor. Jamie Dornan has this mysterious and unpredictable personality which is very important in the story. For it’s not about Christian Grey being way too handsome. He should be portrayed by an actor who can really go deeper into the painful and darker world of Christian Grey. And that’s where Jamie has fit the bill.

Then there’s the supporting casts. Every actor and actress in the movie really did well in portraying their roles. Especially for Eloise Mumford. For she really did well in acting out Kate Kavanagh. But I just don’t get it why Rita Ora is Mia Grey! I mean seriously? She doesn’t look anything like her! I just don’t know what these producers were thinking when she passed the audition. Also, it was kinda sad that there were four characters that were not included in the movie. Hopefully they will be included in the sequel.

For those of you who didn’t know, there were about 14 songs (including the instrumentals) that were mentioned in the book. But only 6 of these made it into the film adaptation. As for “Crazy in Love” and “I’ve put a spell on you”, these songs were mentioned in the book two.

Lastly, I would like to point out. That if I were someone who haven’t read the book at all. Only knowing about the plot story itself. I don’t think that I would have enjoyed the film. For it’s way too straight to the point. The important details that should have been there were left out. Only those who’ve really read it will know what I’m really talking about. Moreover, my main focused when I was watching the film was to get into the visual love story of Christian and Ana. And not the sex scenes. So if that’s what the other viewers were really rooting for. Then they are missing the whole point. I’m just glad the they did not include that very disturbing “Tampon Scene”. For it would have been insanely disgusting. All in all it was fabulous. And I’ am definitely looking forward to the film adaptations of “Fifty Shades Darker” and “Fifty Shades Freed”. Laters Baby!



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