EDUCATION: Our Key for a Brighter Tomorrow


EDUCATION is one of our greatest keys in order to have the right footing in our society. But it is our LEADERS who have the power, and the privilege to make a change. The power that they will either use for the greater good of his people, or the power that will also destroy them. It is not an easy responsibility. For they’ve been given that privilege, and with that comes SPECIFIC OBLIGATION. The Obligation to do something that will change the lives of his people. And if he can do it by giving importance in education, then there would be a ripple effect in our society.


So when I first heard the news about Mary Jane Veloso, and her situation that have led for her to do such a thing in order to support her family. It was then that I’ve suddenly remembered this quote from a particular movie. It was a line that have always been a part of me. Something that I’ve memorized from the heart. I guess its because it may seem to be a simple line; but it holds a real truth about the ugliness in our society, and as to one of the many root causes of it all


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