Elizabeth Cauvel: My Inspiration to Cook

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Cooking has never been a usual thing for me. I’m not saying that I don’t know how to do it. It’s just that I rarely have the time for it for the reason that I tend to feel like I don’t have that confidence in myself that I can actually cook. So putting aside all the recipes that I’ve copied online, and enjoying all the food that I really want to eat by going to restaurants. But then,  I’ve finally reached that point that it has no longer given me that satisfaction that I’m really looking for after eating a food. Especially when I eat some pasta (which is really my favorite!). So for months I’ve been having that itchy kind of feeling that I’m looking for in order to give me that satisfaction in my appetite. And then the right inspiration came in!

I think it was after watching this famous TV show Master Chef. For that’s when I saw 1st runner up ELIZABETH CAUVEL. She used to be an amateur cook who lives in New York City with her husband, and works as a creative director in a certain Advertising company. For years, she’s been dreaming of competing for Master Chef. And such a dream has finally turned into a reality for she was finally chosen as one of the TOP 22 for Season 5. It was really one of my favorite seasons! So when I first saw her, I was like “Who is that gorgeous and sophisticated woman?” and ” Does she really have what it takes to compete?”. Little did I know, behind all those executive outfits, and classy act, is a woman who can really cook in STYLE! From then on, I’ve been rooting for her all the way to the finals! Although I felt so bad that she didn’t turned out to be the winner, but oh well. For me she will always be the real winner!

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A little master chef trivia about Elizabeth Cauvel was that she was the first contestant that has never been in the bottom 2/3 or lose a team challenge. This means she never had to compete in a pressure test. And another thing that the viewers really like about her is her cute expressions whenever things are getting into a heat up kind of situation during the competition. She just looks so adorable!

I’ve watched all the episodes for season 5, and of all the recipes that she has made during the competition. I think it was the BREAKFAST LASAGNA that has definitely made a huge impression on me. I was actually in doubt when she cooked it! But it turns out it has actually saved her in the pressure test. So from then on, I’ve noticed that she cooks in a way that marks each food that she makes as her own. I think her biggest trademark is that she’s really good in making Italian dishes but with her own unique twist.

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Aside from my mama, Elizabeth Cauvel has inspired me to do well in my cooking. Combining my mama’s advice that one should always cook from the heart, and Elizabeth’s style to cook in confidence. So far, I’ve been doing well in the cooking area. I know that I still have a long way to go. But at least, I’ve finally lost that doubt within myself that I can’t do it. And another thing that I’ve also learned from them is that you should cook based on how you visualize your food. Although it is very nice to look for tons of recipes but one should have their own twist to make it into their own. Bon Appétit!


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