Who Loves the Rain?


Yes, I’m the kind of person who loves the rainy season. A Pluviophile.

For every time that I see the rain especially whenever I walk into it with my umbrella; or stare at it by the window. I tend to have that sense of nostalgia. You know that sinking feeling of both happiness and sadness creeping inside of you during such a weather. That kind of feeling. I guess the reason why I enjoyed such a weather would be it tends to bring back a lot of memories. Whether it was a good one, or a sad one. Moreover, it makes me reflect on a lot of things. In which the scenery of such a rainy day makes me believe that I could dream again. And to see things in a whole new light. A renewal of everything.


Another thing that I would love to do during such a rainy day is just be at home. So whenever I don’t have a work, and its raining. I tend to enjoy the idea of sitting near our window with a book and tea that goes along into such a blissful moment. Do I find it enjoyable? Yes, indeed! There are also times that if I don’t feel like reading at all. I would just play some music in the apartment, and just listen into it. And if you’re wondering as to what kind of songs do I listen to during such wet days.

Here are a lists of my favorite songs that I listen to during such rainy days:

  1. Always by Regine Velasquez
  2. Bluer than Blue by Regine Velasquez
  3. Weather to Fly by Elbow
  4. You’ll Never Find Another Love Like Mine by Michael Buble with Laura Pausini
  5. Your Sun is Stupid by Big Baby Driver
  6. December by Sara Bareilles
  7. Please Remember by LeAnn Rimes
  8. You Are In Love by Taylor Swift
  9. Just For A While by Aiza Seguerra
  10. Raindrops Keep Fallin’ On My Head/Do You Know the Way to San Jose? Medley by Ito Rapadas and Gail Blanco


For some people, the rain can be an inconvenience. But the thing is – if you’ll just stop for one moment, and stare into all the beauty that it brings into our surroundings. That’s when you’ll see the wonder that it brings into our lives. For a rainy day is such a beautiful sight to see.


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