A Food Trip to Del Monte Clubhouse


As a wanderer and a foodie, I always think of the idea that to travel is all about exploring an unfamiliar place, and of course, getting a taste of their food!

So when my friends and co-workers suggested that we should go to Camp Phillips to visit their very famous Del Monte Clubhouse. Of course, I did say yes to such a plan. For I’ve always wanted to visit the place. Especially back then, I tend to hear such comments from my family and friends that their different varieties of food are definitely a must try. Which also makes me so jealous whenever I listen to them talk about it. Keeping in mind that one day I’ll be able to set foot into it! And after so many years of wondering as to when I’ll be able to. I’ve finally had the chance to go there, and it was definitely worth it.

Although it is only a short trip, we need to plan and schedule it; for we also have to consider each and every one’s availability to go. And even if the weekend is the perfect time to go, there are some of us who works on a Saturday. So we’ve finally decided to schedule it on the 21st of August which is a non-working special holiday here in the Philippines; and by the time that we’ve finalized the date of our trip. We’ve started to go into the planning part. Like inquiring about their famous dishes, mode of transportation, our meeting place, and finalizing who really wants to go with us. Then three days before our actual trip. There were two unexpected events that had happened, and that a number of who were supposed to join us couldn’t come. This almost made us to reschedule it. But luckily, all is well that at the very last minute we’ve finally decided to push it through even if we were narrowed down from 14 to 8.

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The Del Monte Golf Clubhouse in Cawayanon, Bukidnon is more or less a 45 minute drive from Cagayan de Oro city. But, it would also depend on the traffic along the highway; and since the trip was on a holiday, and we headed out of the city in the late morning. So our journey on the way there was kinda smooth. Moreover, we were able to enjoy such wonderful sceneries on the way there. Such views that we don’t usually get to see since we live in the city. By the time that we’ve almost reached the clubhouse, we’ve decided to go for a short stopover in the Cawayanon Church.

Well, after years of wondering about this famous Del Monte Clubhouse. I’ve finally had the chance to actually see it! And I must say, the place itself is much more beautiful than in the pictures. For it is so picturesque, and utterly breathtaking. And from the first moment that I’ve arrived, I just knew that I’m really going to write about this enchanting place.

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Before I move forward, I almost forgot to say that if it’s actually your first time there like me; and if you’re also keen on planning food trips. You could also make some inquiries by sending them an email at clubhouse@delmonte-phil.com, or you can contact them by this number 09272735211. Just ask for Ma’am Saling or Ma’am Marianita. Plus, it’s a good thing that I’m a bit meticulous about inquiring. For when I’ve made a call a few days before the trip, I was informed by their staff that during the holidays or weekends, the clubhouse tends to be a bit fully booked during lunch time; and that we need to make a reservation in the morning if our plan is be to there in time for lunch. And thank goodness I’ve made a call on the way because by the time that we’ve arrived there, the place was really crowded, and the best seats were already taken. But we’ve already had our reservation, so it wasn’t a hassle in our part to find a good table for 8 persons.

As for the place itself, I tend to find it to be an old fashioned and old school type of restaurant; giving that sense of feeling of being on the countryside, and looking at the view outside while eating, also makes you feel that you are in one with nature.

8 7

Finally, to the part that I’ve been wanting to write about is their food. Of course Del Monte Clubhouse is quite famous for their delicious steaks, (and also quite expensive). Plus, I was informed that their steaks are not always available. And it’s okay, because when I was reading some blogs about the clubhouse. I’ve read that they are also known for their best sellers like their Roast Beef, Cheese Burger, and of course, their Blueberry Cheesecake. But sad to say such delicious dessert was not available at that time. And I was so dismayed for I’ve been looking forward to eating it so badly.

I must confess that I’m not really into rice and beef. And the closest thing that I would tend to eat for such kind of meat is mostly burgers. But since this is a very rare trip, and I don’t usually tend to always have the opportunity to do this. So I’ve decided to break the habit, and go for it.

IMG_9309 bnvn

In our group, half of us ordered the Roast Beef; and as for the other half went for Roast Pork. As you can see in the picture of their menu, such orders could be categorized in complete or short order. The Short Order is being served with rice. And I’m sorry to say this, but I’m not so sure about the drinks. As for the Complete Order, it is with rice, salad, soup, dessert and drinks. For some, they’ve ordered the complete meal, but I didn’t because I knew I just couldn’t eat them all in one piece.

For their “Roast Beef”, I find it quite tasty, and it really blends with its gravy sauce which was really a big factor as to why I’ve really enjoyed my time eating it, even though it was kinda hard for my taste. Plus, their servings were so huge that I almost thought that I wouldn’t be able to eat them all. But to my utter surprise, I was able finished the whole plate. It just shows that even if I’m a conscious eater. I’m still a foodie by heart.

11952021_1034929073186178_7673679751093158799_n IMG_9310

Since I’m not one of those in our group who’ve ordered their “Roast Pork”, so I really can’t say something about it, but based on some of my co-workers comments, it was also delicious that really makes you feel so full after eating it. As for their salad, it is very tasty, even if it was served in such small servings. Just like their Asparagus soup.

Until now, I still feel so disappointed that I didn’t have the chance to have a taste of their very own “Blueberry Cheesecake”. So I’ve ordered their “Fruit Salad”. I must say, all the fruits that were served were really fresh, and very delicious. The only thing that I didn’t like is that the cream that was added into it wasn’t really that creamy at all; for whenever I think of a fruit salad. I always go for something that is so full of heavy cream. Which I also think should really blend with the fruits. But still, even if that were the case, such dessert was refreshingly yummy. And the rest of members in our group ordered the same dessert, but there were two who wants some “Mango Float”. In which I’ve also had the opportunity to try at least a small portion of it. And as usual, it was delicious with tons of grahams, but just like their fruit salad. It wasn’t that loaded with heavy cream.

11885096_1643385532606598_3455902326490040153_n 78

Then there’s their “Cheese Burger”; for it was definitely one of the most delicious burger that I’ve ever tasted. You know that feeling of floating around because something wonderful just happened, and you just can’t stop thinking about it. That’s what I’ve felt after eating it. And oh my, it was big. Plus, it wasn’t really that loaded with so many toppings. But mind you, the thickness of the cheese, small portion of lettuce, and the dressing that was added really did blend well into the patty. For such meat was thick, and at the same time, so juicy. Moreover, by just looking at it, you can really see that it was not hardly formed, and by the time you’ll get a bite into it; there’s that taste of the softness of the patty. Over all, it was definitely my most favorite food in the clubhouse.

However, this burger was actually a take-out of mine for dinner, and I keep on wondering, if how utterly delicious it really is going to be if I’ve eaten it when it was just newly made. For sure next time, cause I still haven’t got to taste their famous dessert!

76 70

After eating our lunch, we’ve decided to do some activity while we’re still there. We were playing golf and taking pictures. You know, just goofing around and trying to make the most out of our free time there. Then we went back to the clubhouse to take a short break, order our take-outs. And as for me, I bought some souvenirs, which I always do whenever I go on a trip; something to add into my collections.

It was a day that was worthily spent. For each and every one in group really had so much fun, especially to all those hilarious jokes that was bantered to one of our comedians. And by the time that we’ve headed back into the city, we just knew that something like this should be repeated again; for indeed, it was definitely a very unforgettable day. And thank you so much for reading.
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