25 Things I’ve Learned by my 26th Birthday


October 17 is my most favorite date of the year.

A special day that only happens once in a year.

It may seem to be a typical day for the others, but for me, it’s a day that I will consider my very own. So as I celebrate my special day tomorrow, I would like to share in my blog some insights that I’ve learned not just from experience, but also some learning’s from the others.

And here are the following:


1. Always start and end the day by being GRATEFUL to God for everything; for even if every day may not be good, but there is something GOOD in every day.

2. You are STRONGER that you think. So don’t even think about giving up. Just train your mind to see the good in everything. For it is definitely going to be okay.

3. Always SMILE.

4. No matter where you are, and the kind of people that you deal with; Always be RESPECTFUL.

5. Always remember that even the smallest gesture can really mean a lot, especially to a stranger.

6. Don’t aim for something COMMON; but instead, aim for something UNIQUE.

7. One really doesn’t have to buy expensive and branded clothes just so that you could make an impression that you are rich. Just remember that nothing beats out on how a person carries himself in whatever he/she wears.

8. The best way to know a new place is to get lost.

9. Before judging them, always put yourself in the shoes of others. For the world doesn’t revolve around you.

10. It is a sign of a person’s weakness when he/she will just accept things for what it is.

11. A person who doesn’t think for himself does not have a personality that will define him for who he really is.

12. NOT everything that happens in our life, (no matter how big or small that is) should be shared in the SOCIAL MEDIA; for there are certain things that we should just keep to ourselves, and make it as low key as possible.


13. Whenever you’ll feel like the world is against you. Just think that they are not your real enemies; but those thoughts that dwells within your mind. For that is something that you should overcome. JUST THINK WELL.

14. Vanity can sometimes be a very dangerous thing to a person.

15. As much as possible, and even if it cannot be avoided. We should try not to find too much faults to those people around us. For who knows, they might be talking about us in such a way as to what we do to them. And to remember that we are only humans, with a lot of imperfections.

16. Always appreciate the beauty and wonder to all the things around us; to live simply, to do our best in everything that we do, and to love wholeheartedly.

17. You can hear so many suggestions, or opinions from the others, but in the end, all the conclusions, and final decisions should always be up to you.

18. Each one of us has its own unique and priceless treasure. So treasure it, and keep it with all your heart.

19. Never let go of those people who are always there for you.

20. Be KIND and GENEROUS. But don’t let them take too much advantage of you.


22. Always be there for your FAMILY.

23. WORK HARD in everything that you will do especially to your job.

24. WAITING takes a lot of patience and discipline. So whenever you’ll feel like giving up and even if it’s going to be a bit hard to wait. Just think that everything will truly fall into place.

25. Age is just a number, and shouldn’t hinder us to CELEBRATE LIFE.



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