Almost a Decade

They say that high school life is one of the best moments of your life. In my case, it wasn’t at first. The reason why is that I had a rough start during my first year to third year in high school (but not all). So you could say that I wasn’t doing well as a student. Why? I’m always sick, which means that I tend to be absent from my classes. Another thing is that, academically I ‘am not doing well, but my grades are still good. Grades that are enough for me to passed all of my subjects. But there was actually a time that I got a failed marked in one of my subjects. And I know it’s embarrassing to admit this but during my third year in high school, my parents have decided for me to go for some tutorials because they’re getting concerned about my performance in school. Plus, the truth is, I actually didn’t passed my entrance exam in high school. But I was given the second chance to retake the exam again provided that I will attend their summer classes.

So looking back at those days, I’ve realized that even if it was such a struggle at first, I’m still grateful for those moments in my life. For I’ve had the chance to go for an immersion somewhere in Taglimao, and that exposure alone have made me appreciate how blessed I ‘am. Then of course, it was in high school that I’ve turned myself into such a reader; but at that time I mostly read some Nancy Drew books, and some classics.

But it was in my fourth year in high school that things were turning around. I’m always present in my classes, and I was doing well in all of my subjects especially in Accounting. And who would have thought that my performance in that subject has made me decided to take it up as my course in college. For at the start of the school year 2006-2007, I was actually thinking of taking up Psychology or Special Education. But along the way, that decision was changed when I took the College Scholastic Aptitude Test (CSAT). For before the test, I was thinking that if I will be able to get the score needed in order for me to take up the Accountancy Program, then it will be my course in college. And it was a surprised! Cause I made it! And it has turned out to be one of the best decisions that I’ve ever made.

I’m writing this because I want to share a part of my life. And I also want inspire others of the idea that even if that there are moments in your life that had a rough start; it wouldn’t actually signify that it’s going to be that way. But of course, that decision to do well would start from us. It’s our life, and we are the ones who have the decision and clear vision on how we want to see it. And that’s what happened to me during that very unforgettable school year. It was then that things were truly shaping up.

Moreover, I also wanna say a big thank you to my friends in high school (even if I’ve already lost contact with them but they will always be in my heart); and of course, my ever 4-Bl.Rupert Mayer Batch 2006-2007. Thank you so much batch mates and Ma’am Gen! You’ve truly made my last year in high school as one of the best moments of my life!

After all these years, I’m still grateful to them; for they’re the ones that has inspired and challenged me to do well during those days. Until now, I still miss that name “JMAX”. So Whenever I hear a batch mate calling me in that old name of mine, it tends to feel like I’m transported back to those days. And if you’re wondering on how I got that name, it was during our Physics class that our teacher was talking about H-max, and since I smile and laugh too much. A classmate of mine has taken it at first as a joke! Calling me J-max! And everyone in our class was so used to it that it has turned out to be my nickname all throughout the school year.

Again, it is all thanks to my classmates during my last year in high school. For they’ve made it more memorable and special. Plus, I’m so grateful to those moments that I’ve shared with them. It was also because of them that I’ve inspired myself to do well academically. Well, of course I was never an honor student. But at least, during that school year I was so challenged and motivated; in which along the way I have never thought that it was during that year that I’ve finally found the answer in which direction I wanted to go after graduating high school.


Moreover, I would also like to dedicate this blog of mine to my teacher and class moderator of 4-Bl. Rupert Mayer, Ma’am Gen Gaya-Koh. Although, she doesn’t teach there anymore for she now lives in abroad with her husband. I’ am also grateful to her for being part of our lives; for being the second mother in our class. And what’s amazing about her is that even if it’s been almost a decade since we’ve graduated. My batch mates and I truly appreciate the efforts that she does for all of us! For she made a Facebook page for our batch in order for us to still communicate, and of course, to get an updates on what’s new in our lives. Plus, she is also the one who actually coordinates our reunion! Talk about a mother who is always there for her kids even if she’s already miles away from them.

And lastly, who would have thought that it’s been almost a decade since we’ve graduated in high school. But still, we will always treasure those bittersweet memories. Such lessons and experiences that we have learned in which has guide us to be who we really are today. Moreover, our 10th year reunion is almost on its way. Hopefully, it’s going to be a big reunion!

Thank you so much for reading! 🙂



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