Madame Butterflies Natural Fruit Ice Cream

Almost two years ago, I had an opportunity to visit Bohol. And one of the places that I was able to explore was the Butterfly Garden. It’s a beautiful place with a small restaurant and it looks so peaceful. But I’ve mostly enjoyed my time there eating than sightseeing!

So as a girl who loves sweets, it was actually a friend of mine who suggested to try it. At first, I was kinda hesitant because the picture that she showed me during her trip to Bohol wasn’t really that appealing at all. So when I had the chance to visit the Butterfly Garden, I took the opportunity to try it. And my oh my! It’s one of the most delicious ice cream that I’ve ever tasted! Forget all the brands of ice cream that you’ve tried! For its really one of the best! This homemade ice cream is not too sweet, and you can totally taste its creaminess that blends with its particular flavor. Each one of us in our group tried two different flavors, and we really enjoyed our time eating it. The Flavors that I’ve tried were Cookies & Cream and Buko Pandan. Oh how I wish that there is such an ice cream back here in Cagayan de Oro city! And if you’ll ever get the chance to visit Butterfly Garden in Bohol, please try their very delicious ice cream! For it is definitely worth eating.

Thank you so much for reading! 🙂



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