Seoul Searching 101: N Seoul Tower

Moving forward to our exploring, (after our short break from visiting Bukchon Hanok Village), we were back once again to continue our Seoul Searching, and that was to visit N Seoul Tower – one of the shooting locations of the famous series My Love from the Star.

It was totally convenient on our part to visit such a famous landmark, because it’s quite near to where we were staying. All we need to do was just walk around the corner (but it was more like a short hiking). Then we’ve arrived to the cable car that would take us to Namsan Tower Park. Such a ride actually did cost us for about 8,000 Won per head. Well I must say, that was one heck of ride. For it was scary but at the same time, definitely exciting! Even at night time, you could totally see Seoul in such bright lights. And everything just looks so beautiful, and fascinating. Plus, there were lots of tourist with us. So I also had fun listening to the different languages that I keep on hearing around me.

Upon arrival at the Park, we went on exploring. The first thing that I was amazed of would be the Fortress Wall because I’m quite sure that I saw a particular Korean drama in which such an area was used as one of their shooting locations. And I had this reaction again of, “Oh my gosh! Am I really here? Cause it feels like a dream!”. Well that’s me when I’m utterly excited.

Another famous attraction at the Namsan Tower Park would be its Love Locks. Well I’m not surprised that with so many tourists that keeps on visiting South Korea, that there are quite a number of love locks! Hundreds? I would definitely go for thousands of it! And since we’re there, each of us girls did put our own love locks. Plus, it’s a good thing that I came prepared for I bought with me my own marker pen. So all we did was buy a lock for about 5,000 Won, but if you want a pair that would cost for about 10,000 won.

Okay, we’ve already had our own, and we’ve picked a spot where we can take some time to write something in our love locks. As for my own love lock, yes, I actually did wrote a name of a person. And since it was a private moment, I also took a picture of it; a proof that I actually did that, and something to bring with me back home.

As for the weather during that night, it was totally cold, even my hands were freezing so badly.

Moreover, there’s an experience that I wanna share. While I was waiting for the rest of the group to finish putting their own love locks, and take some pictures with it. I actually went to this small stall that sells Potato Twist (I don’t know if it’s the correct term). Anyway, I had a mistake of informing its vendor, that instead of saying that I’m going to buy one potato twist, I had a mistake of making a hand gesture of three, and he thought that I was going to buy three of it, but the hand gesture was all about the amount of money which was 3,000 Won. So we had a misunderstanding, and he was so mad at me for my mistake (which was true by the way). And without any choice, I had to buy two potato twists, for the other one was not yet cooked. In a way, I was saved to spend 6,000 won instead of 9,000, and then gave the other one to my friend since I can’t eat it all. Oh well, at least I did enjoyed my time eating it for it was so delicious.

Lesson learned, be careful when you talk to a vendor/salesman to buy something, or a food to eat, especially to a place that barely speaks English.

After putting our own love locks, we went exploring again of the park. The thing is that we actually had plans of going at the top of the N Seoul Tower, but we’ve decided not to, for it cost for about 20,000 Won per head! And we were already thinking that if we go there, we wouldn’t have much time to visit Myeong dong. So we have to go. But hopefully, when I go back to South Korea, for sure I’ am definitely going there.

Before I forgot, I actually had the chance to meet an Asian Celebrity; for there were some tourists that had recognized her, and took some pictures with her. But, I don’t know from what country she’s from. The only thing that I could say about her is that she is definitely pretty, and I was staring at her while her fans just keeps on gushing around her.

So even it was such cold evening, and we were already freezing. It still didn’t stop us to go to our next destination for the night. And that was a visit to Myeong dong food district.

Till the next part of our journey!

To be continued.

And thank you so much for reading. 🙂


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