Seoul Searching 101: Myeong Dong Food District

“To travel to a new place isn’t just about getting an idea of its culture, and exploring such famous landmarks. It’s also about trying their authentic food, something that you don’t get to see or eat from where you live.” – A thought that I always bear in mind whenever I go on a travel.

For our last stop of our second night in South Korea, we’ve decided to take on a food trip to the famous Myeong Dong Food District. And as to what I’ve already written from my last blog which was entitled “Seoul Searching 101: Bukchon Hanok Village”, I actually did mentioned that if we weren’t sort of lost after our bus ride had dropped us off at the wrong Myeong dong station, we wouldn’t have found its famous food district by accident. The funny thing is that, this famous food trip area is just right across the street from the area that leads to the place where we were staying, which was truly a surprised for us; for we had never expected that one of the places that we’ve been looking forward to visit was just right under our noses. Oh well, talk about destiny!

Anyway, we were on our way back downtown after our night time exploring of Namsan Tower Park (via cable car and part of our 8,000 won fare per head). So we went straight ahead to Myeong dong food district. It was just a walking distance from the guesthouse for about 10-15 minutes. It’s either you can walk across the street, or go down and walk along the pathway inside the subway station, and take a short cut there going up the district (which we actually did on our way back to the guesthouse).

It was a cold night, but I couldn’t care less, because from the moment we’ve arrived there. I was totally excited especially seeing all those different stalls of food along the small streets of Myeong dong. Plus, I was utterly looking forward to take on my pick on which food should I try for the night. But such street foods that are being sold are a bit expensive (which in the Philippines cost for about 100-200 pesos each). And most of its stalls would sell their products at a price of 2,500 won, 3,000 won, and 5,000 won.

As for my first pick for the night, it was an egg bun which cost for about 2,500 won. It’s tasty and fluffy but something that I couldn’t say my favorite for the night. So we went on to continue our exploring from one stall to another.

While I was busy eating my egg bun, my friends first choice was to eat a sea shell with cheesy boiled eggs, and corns on top of it which cost for about 5,000 won. Then they went on for a Pomegranate juice, and caramelized fruit stick (3,000 won).

For our next stop, are you familiar of this famous street food called Fish Cakes? I’m sure for those who are into Korean Series would have totally seen this. This food cost for about 1,500 won each. It is very delicious, and you can either go for spicy or not spicy. And since I love spicy food, I was totally up for the challenge. But, I totally underestimated it, for it was so hot and spicy (although I really enjoyed my time eating it). It’s just that, such spiciness has almost gotten me sick. I’m not joking. Seriously, it was such a cold night, but it has gotten much colder after eating that fish cake, and drinking its spicy soup. And while walking along the streets, I wasn’t able to concentrate for I was already freezing so badly like I was having a seizure. And that almost ruined my night. So it was a good thing that after taking a short break somewhere along the area that I was able to recover from it.

Moving forward to our food exploring, and as I’ve already mentioned, such street foods that are being sold there can be a bit expensive. So I’ve decided to go for three different varieties of it, and go for the other ones on our last night. So for my third and last pick for the night, it was a food called Croissant Taiyaki, it’s a small pastry in the shape of a fish. And it taste really good, I guess it’s because of the cream cheese inside of it. For its cheesiness really did blend well with the croissant.

Then after almost two hours of exploring this famous district, one thing that I’ve observed as to what made this area quite famous for so many travelers is that, it’s a place where you can truly see its authenticity. For it is the kind of street foods that showcase South Korea for what it is; using such ingredients and recipes that can only be found in that country, but with a modern and creative twist, which is also such a big factor as to why there are lots buyers that are enticed to try and taste such different varieties of street foods along the Myeong dong food district.

And since it’s been such a day, and we were already getting exhausted from our exploring. We’ve decided to go back to the guesthouse, to rest, and to get ready for our next adventure. And that is an out of the city visit to Nami Island and Petite France!

For our second day in South Korea, I must say, what a day and what a night!

To be continued.

And thank you so much for reading! 🙂


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