MIGRAINE: A Nightmare Kind of Headache


Migraine has never been an ordinary headache. It goes beyond the extreme pain of feeling like bumping your head into the wall for as long as the pain would really go away.

From what I’ve heard, each individual who have the same illness as mine, goes into such different stages of Migraine Attacks. Well in my case, I tend to experience 3 STAGES. But before that I would elaborate these different stages in my own perspective. I would like to share something about my migraine. It’s an illness of mine that I’ve known since I was a child. At that time, I didn’t know that what I would usually experience is not just an ordinary headache. I thought that it was a typical one that most people would usually get to experience from time to time. For that I was totally wrong.

It was then back in high school that my mother had decided to take me to the doctor for a check up. For how come that I tend to experience such extreme headaches every once in a month. A pain that would really make me so weak, and I would tend to cry hysterically for I can no longer bare the pain. And mostly I would vomit after experiencing the pains in my head.

So I was diagnosed by the doctor that I have a “Migraine”. Giving me an advice that I should avoid feeling stressed, eating spices, and sweets. But as a teenager I have never been that health conscious type of person. Its also an illness in which I’ve inherited from my father.

All throughout high school and college I’ve been getting used to this migraine attacks once a month. So I always make sure that I have my Mefanamic Acid ready whenever I would start to see the first signs of the attack.

Here are the 3 Stages of Migraines Attacks that I would tend to experience:



Its the first sign that I would tend to see which would signal that I’m on my way for a big headache. A weird form of zigzag kind circle that goes bigger and bigger. Making me a feel a bit dizzy and my vision a bit blurry which would tend to last for about 30 minutes. The bigger it is, the more painful that attack is going to be. Usually whenever I’m at home, I would just stay inside my room. Turning off the lights, and closing my windows just to make it as dark as possible. Why do I do it? I know its kinda weird, but its something that eases me from feeling dizzy. And also to prepare myself for the worst.



I know its been almost two decades since I’ve had this kind of illness. But it always makes me feel so scared. And that is why I always hope that whenever I would have a migraine; I’ll just be in our home. So that I could avoid the second stage by going to sleep. For its the best solution to ease or avoid the pain. But if I’m not at home; whether I like it or not. I have to take it all in. Bare the pain. For there’s no place rather than my bed that truly makes me comfortable.

A migraine attack usually last in my case for about 2-3 hours. It would start after the aura visions. By the time that my eye vision is back to normal. That’s the time that the scary part begins. It’s pain would go in an increasing kind of level. Causing such a huge pain at a particular side of my head. Well to be honest, there’s no words to describe the pain that I would usually tend to feel during my migraine attacks. But one thing is for sure. It is a very extreme and definitely not an ordinary kind of headache. But like I’ve written earlier. I can avoid it by sleeping right away.



It’s the last stage, but its something that I can never avoid. For no matter how long I would sleep to evade it; that nauseating feeling will always be there after I wake up.

This vomiting stage is also quite difficult for me to handle. For the reason that after the migraine attacks. This is the part where I’ll tend to feel like my head was already split into two. And then I would also feel like I’ve lost all the energy from my body; making me feel at the same time so weak and tired. This kind of thing usually last for about 24 hours.

321a0794b4355d2c65f9732371e2a873Migraine will always be a part of me. It’s something that I can never avoid. But after so many years. The weird thing just happened. After college, instead of having the attacks once a month. It now only happens for about once or twice a year! My theory is that, it all started when I was starting to lose weight after college. I was leading a healthy lifestyle. Avoiding all those unhealthy food, and drinks. Doing some exercise, and avoiding stress. Moreover, I have never expected that it would have been the solution to lessen its monthly attacks. And from then on, I have to decided to be as healthy both mentally and physically as possible.