You Can’t Be Everything to Anyone


You can’t be everything to anyone.

Adjust your life to your environment but do not adjust your life for everyone just so you could cater to their needs or wants. For you are just as vulnerable as anyone out there, and you need to make sure that before giving light for them, always take into consideration if they are not taking advantage of you; that they will do the same when such a time comes for you to need them unexpectedly; that you will not be hurt or disappointed; and of course, if they truly care for you, and not just because you have something that they want or need from you.

And it’s okay to help and be there, but remember, disappointments can be a bit painful especially when you know that you’ve done so much. Be Kind and Helpful but do not let them treat you like a fool or gullible type of human being.

You are not for everyone. You are for those who truly deserves you.



Patience is Everything.


Would you believe if I tell you that I’m that type of person before who throws a lot of tantrums whenever I’m so mad at something, and would just shout out of nowhere?

Yes, I used to be that person. And I know it took a lot of guts for me to be honest about that side of me. But since I’m writing about patience, then I should be bold enough to share it.

The thing is that I’m not proud of that attitude of mine, and it’s not the kind of person that I wanted to be. So I’ve changed. I’ve decided to become a better person; molded and enlightened by an experience that I will never ever forget. And along the way, I was proud of my improvements.

So how did I do it? It’s by thinking and living of the idea that “Patience is a virtue.”

But the biggest trick is to use the “Power of Pause.”

How do I do it?

Whenever I’ll feel like there’s such anger boiling within me, or I’m on the verge of losing it.

I would just PAUSE for a few seconds…
Count from 1 2 3…4 5 6….
And Breathe…

And after that, I would feel a little better. Not much. But I know, I’m finally okay.

It wasn’t easy at first but I’m pleased to say that I’ve finally been able to control that sudden tantrum of mine.

So why did I entitled my blog “Patience is everything.”?

The reason is that from the moment that I’ve learned to control myself to be more patient. There were a lot of things that I’ve discovered whenever a person is more patient not just to himself, but also to all the things around him.

And here are the following realizations that I’ve learned,

It takes a lot of patience to WAIT…

It takes a lot of patience to FORGIVE.

It takes a lot of patience to be UNDERSTANDING.

It takes a lot of patience to be KIND.

It takes a lot of patience to LOVE.

It takes a lot of patience to be FAITHFUL.

It takes a lot of patience to LET GO.

It takes a lot of patience to CHANGE.

It takes a lot of patience to be STRONG.

It takes a lot of patience to be BRAVE.

And lastly, it takes a lot of patience to be a GOOD PERSON.

So you see, patience can lead to a lot of good things in a person’s life.

Actually, I’ve had a lot of realizations about it. But so far, these are the key points that have molded me to become a better person.

However, I’m far from trying to be a perfect one, for I’m just a mind wanderer who’s trying her best to live a wonderful and meaningful life.
Thank you so much for reading! 🙂

Love More and Worry Less


Sometimes, I truly admire candid people. Why? For they are sometimes the brave one’s. That if they show such real concern about some people. They themselves will tell it to that person. And not let the others do the job for them. So if there’s someone out there that does something that we do not like. Please, have the guts to tell it to their face BUT in a gentle and kind manner. I’m sure they’re also brave enough to accept such criticism. It just doesn’t seem nice acting you’re okay in front of that person that concerns you, and when he/she turns their back, that’s the time that you’ll fret about them. So they didn’t know that they’ve actually done something that was already disturbing. And that act alone doesn’t show such real concern.
Moreover, it saddens me that there are some people out there who keeps on complaining. Always remember, that no matter how hard life truly is, just think that we are still blessed. Of course, we all have our struggles, and at the end of the day, we are also the one’s who will be facing it. So be strong. And don’t spend each day grumbling. Don’t you know that WHEN YOU THINK MORE OF WHAT YOU HAVE, THE LESS YOU’LL COMPLAIN OF WHAT YOU DON’T HAVE? So be GRATEFUL EVERY SINGLE DAY. Plus, don’t forget to START THE DAY WITH A BIG SMILE! 😀