You Can’t Be Everything to Anyone


You can’t be everything to anyone.

Adjust your life to your environment but do not adjust your life for everyone just so you could cater to their needs or wants. For you are just as vulnerable as anyone out there, and you need to make sure that before giving light for them, always take into consideration if they are not taking advantage of you; that they will do the same when such a time comes for you to need them unexpectedly; that you will not be hurt or disappointed; and of course, if they truly care for you, and not just because you have something that they want or need from you.

And it’s okay to help and be there, but remember, disappointments can be a bit painful especially when you know that you’ve done so much. Be Kind and Helpful but do not let them treat you like a fool or gullible type of human being.

You are not for everyone. You are for those who truly deserves you.



Highlighted Poems: The Sun and Her Flowers by Rupi Kaur


“Poetry is what happens when your mind stops working, and for a moment, all you do is feel.”


For my first blog post for the month of November 2017, I’m going to share with you those poems that I’ve highlighted and saved while I was reading Ms. Rupi Kaur’s latest collection of poems.

In which by the way these poems have been a very inspiring and mind-boggling one to read. And it’s like getting into a glimpse into the poet’s vulnerability, and because of that, she was able to flow such thoughts in a writing that had resulted into creating such poems that a lot of modern women can truly related themselves into.

the sun and her flowers by rupi kaur

the sun and her flowers by rupi kaur

the sun and her flowers by rupi kaur

Furthermore, it was very thoughtful of her, to dedicate it to her dear mother – the woman who was braved enough to leave behind her family and country in order to pursue a better life with her husband and children to a place that is culturally different than what she was used to.

In addition to that, ever since Rupi Kaur had been a child, she had always looked up to her mother as a source of strength and inspiration in becoming the kind of person that she wanted to be. Someone who is independent and knows her worth as a woman.

the sun and her flowers by rupi kaur

the sun and her flowers by rupi kaur

the sun and her flowers by rupi kaur

And if you want a copy of this book. You can buy it online with a free shipping worldwide at Book Depository.

Well, that’s it for now. Till my next book review.

Thank you so much for reading.

the sun and her flowers by rupi kaur

the sun and her flowers by rupi kaur

the sun and her flowers by rupi kaur

the sun and her flowers by rupi kaur



Black and White


It’s getting cold…
So black and white…
It might be daunting…
But there’s this hope for the light…
The strength that makes me strong from all of this emotional turmoil.
For I know, after this, I will be fiercer than before.
Just breathe…
Just be patient…
Just wait…
One day…
Everything will truly make sense…
I will have all the answers that I’ve been looking for.
Just go with the flow…
I will be brave…
For God is with me…
Cause if I will give up.
It would mean that I’ve lost faith in him, and to everything that I believe in.
So I will not.
This is just another challenge…
To overcome…
To show to the world how vigorous I’ am.
That I’m fighting once again for what my mind and heart truly desires…
And I will smile and be grateful all throughout…
Because I know, (after all the battles that I’ve been through)…
That I’ am a fighter!

The Little Prince by Antoine De Saint-Exupéry (Book Review)


The title character of The Little Prince is a pure and innocent traveler from outer space whom the narrator encounters in the Sahara desert. Before the little prince lands on Earth, Saint-Exupéry contrasts the prince’s childlike character with different adult characters by having the prince hop from one neighboring planet to another. On each planet, the prince meets a different type of adult and reveals that character’s frivolities and weaknesses. Once on Earth, however, the little prince becomes a student as well as a teacher. From his friend the fox, the little prince learns what love entails, and in turn he passes on those lessons to the narrator.

The little prince has few of the glaring flaws evident in the other characters, and he is immediately shown to be a character of high caliber by his ability to recognize the narrator’s Drawing Number One as a picture of a boa constrictor that has eaten a snake. Nevertheless, the prince’s fear as he prepares to be sent back to his planet by snakebite shows that he is susceptible to the same emotions as the rest of us. Most notably, the prince is bound by his love for the rose he has left on his home planet. His constant questioning also indicates that one’s search for answers can be more important than the answers themselves.

-A Summary from



“And now here is my secret, a very simple secret: It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.”

A beautiful thought that was shared by the fox to the little prince.

I don’t know why that it took me so long to read such a great story. For who would have thought that such a small book could give such very profound wisdom’s to its readers. And I was so caught up into it that I’ve finished reading this in just one sitting.

The thing is that, I’m already a bit familiar of the story of “The Little Prince by Antoine De Saint-Exupéry”. Back then in high school, this book was actually assigned to us in our class for reading and further discussion. But at that time, I wasn’t always that present in our classes, which also made me missed it when my English teacher was already discussing this. And so by the time that I got back, all I did was just read the summary so that I could catch up to all that I’ve missed. Plus, you know what they say; one can never appreciate something if one is in such a hurry.


So I’ve made a promise to myself that I’m really going to read it again; not the summary, but the whole story itself. For as an avid reader, this is definitely a must-read. But as the years went by, I still haven’t got the chance to. Then ten years later, while I was making a list of books to read for this year. I’ve decided to include this one. It is because of the upcoming animated film adaptation. Moreover, I also wanted to own an actual copy. And it was just recently, while I was waiting, and wondering around a bookstore that I’ve finally decided to really buy it, for I was also thinking that it was finally the perfect time to read it.

Then last weekend, I went out to visit my parents. So I bought this book with me. And without me knowing it, I was totally drowned into the whole story of an old pilot meeting the little prince in the middle of nowhere in the Sahara desert.

As I’ve written earlier, it is indeed a small book, and such a short story. But it’s much more meaningful, and so full of wisdom. At first glance, you might think that this is a children’s book, but I don’t think so. For even at the beginning of the story, you can really comprehend the first lesson that the narrator really wants its readers to understand about the grown-ups.


Moreover, I know that there have been tons of reviews that have been written about The Little Prince. But, I still want to share my very own views and thoughts about the book; and there are about five of them; personal insights that I’ve learned while and after reading this.

And here are the following:

The first thing that I’ve learned while reading the book is that grown-ups tends to get so busy about the hustle and bustles of living in order to survive, that they also tend to forget the simple pleasures of “Living a Meaningful and Wonderful Life”. I’m not talking about the idea of getting rich, or being so successful in one’s career or business. I’m talking about stopping for one moment, and to take it all in. You know the idea about doing the little things that you love other than your work; spending more quality time to your family, your friends, and of course to yourself; then picking some cheat days just so that you could also enjoy the pleasures of eating; traveling into such unknown places, and a whole lot more.

The second insight is that the grown-ups sometimes do not fully comprehend the deeper meaning of things, and can be a bit narrow-minded. For there was actually a thought that was mentioned in the book that when you’ll mentioned a house to a person. All that he would ask is the price of the house, or the location itself, and will just say that it’s a fine house. But how can he know that when he didn’t even ask about how it really looks like, the surroundings, the atmosphere that really goes into it. For such one is caught up into the world of figures, and materialism.

Another part in the story that shows such narrow-mindedness was also about a Turkish Astronomer who has presented his own discovery in the International Astronomical Congress by wearing a European costume instead of his very own traditional Turkish costume. In order for it be more acceptable to those people in the congress. Well that’s absurd!


The third one would be about the children. For they are so pure, and innocent; so full of life that they tend to wonder about a lot of things. And as time passes by, it’s either that such simple mindedness could be taken away from them because they’ve already been swallowed into the world of the grown-ups, or they still remain true to their selves for they know of what really matters. And they are still as open-minded even if they’re already exposed to the realities of the world.

The fourth is about traveling. For one should not just travel just so that you could set foot into a place, and pose for a picture; to travel is also a learning experience, and to see a new place for what it is. I’m talking about exploring the food that you usually don’t get to eat from where you live; and observing the people who lives there, especially about their culture, and their way of living. Moreover, a traveler should also know how to take it all in the things that are happening in front of him. For a camera can never fully capture the beauty and wonder to all the things that are happening right before his very eyes. So whenever we are already into that actual experience, we should at least stop for one moment to observe all the things that are happening around us. For that is a wonderful learning experience for a wanderer.


And the last one is all about taking importance of what really matters.

So what is truly important to us?



Successful Career?





Of course, there are so many things that we really want out of life. But the most important thing that we should ask ourselves is that

“Are we at peace about everything?”

Cause if it is, then that’s when all the things that we want in our life will truly fall into place. Moreover, life is so full of challenges, and one must take the risk to be brave; something that we really need from time to time.

So as I end this blog of mine, and send it into the void, I would also like to point out that to search for what we really want is important. But we should also try to not be so caught up into it, that while we’re so busy looking. We may tend to oversee that all we ever wanted is just right under our noses.

And I’m so glad that I’ve found this book again. For it is definitely worth reading.

Thank you.

Elizabeth Cauvel: My Inspiration to Cook

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Cooking has never been a usual thing for me. I’m not saying that I don’t know how to do it. It’s just that I rarely have the time for it for the reason that I tend to feel like I don’t have that confidence in myself that I can actually cook. So putting aside all the recipes that I’ve copied online, and enjoying all the food that I really want to eat by going to restaurants. But then,  I’ve finally reached that point that it has no longer given me that satisfaction that I’m really looking for after eating a food. Especially when I eat some pasta (which is really my favorite!). So for months I’ve been having that itchy kind of feeling that I’m looking for in order to give me that satisfaction in my appetite. And then the right inspiration came in!

I think it was after watching this famous TV show Master Chef. For that’s when I saw 1st runner up ELIZABETH CAUVEL. She used to be an amateur cook who lives in New York City with her husband, and works as a creative director in a certain Advertising company. For years, she’s been dreaming of competing for Master Chef. And such a dream has finally turned into a reality for she was finally chosen as one of the TOP 22 for Season 5. It was really one of my favorite seasons! So when I first saw her, I was like “Who is that gorgeous and sophisticated woman?” and ” Does she really have what it takes to compete?”. Little did I know, behind all those executive outfits, and classy act, is a woman who can really cook in STYLE! From then on, I’ve been rooting for her all the way to the finals! Although I felt so bad that she didn’t turned out to be the winner, but oh well. For me she will always be the real winner!

10808715_847140898640333_1614516057_n 54473c232d236b1872115fbd558cd107

A little master chef trivia about Elizabeth Cauvel was that she was the first contestant that has never been in the bottom 2/3 or lose a team challenge. This means she never had to compete in a pressure test. And another thing that the viewers really like about her is her cute expressions whenever things are getting into a heat up kind of situation during the competition. She just looks so adorable!

I’ve watched all the episodes for season 5, and of all the recipes that she has made during the competition. I think it was the BREAKFAST LASAGNA that has definitely made a huge impression on me. I was actually in doubt when she cooked it! But it turns out it has actually saved her in the pressure test. So from then on, I’ve noticed that she cooks in a way that marks each food that she makes as her own. I think her biggest trademark is that she’s really good in making Italian dishes but with her own unique twist.

1689172_382835611876499_1567732948_n 11230465_1439872362979528_1937702228_n

Aside from my mama, Elizabeth Cauvel has inspired me to do well in my cooking. Combining my mama’s advice that one should always cook from the heart, and Elizabeth’s style to cook in confidence. So far, I’ve been doing well in the cooking area. I know that I still have a long way to go. But at least, I’ve finally lost that doubt within myself that I can’t do it. And another thing that I’ve also learned from them is that you should cook based on how you visualize your food. Although it is very nice to look for tons of recipes but one should have their own twist to make it into their own. Bon Appétit!