You Can’t Be Everything to Anyone


You can’t be everything to anyone.

Adjust your life to your environment but do not adjust your life for everyone just so you could cater to their needs or wants. For you are just as vulnerable as anyone out there, and you need to make sure that before giving light for them, always take into consideration if they are not taking advantage of you; that they will do the same when such a time comes for you to need them unexpectedly; that you will not be hurt or disappointed; and of course, if they truly care for you, and not just because you have something that they want or need from you.

And it’s okay to help and be there, but remember, disappointments can be a bit painful especially when you know that you’ve done so much. Be Kind and Helpful but do not let them treat you like a fool or gullible type of human being.

You are not for everyone. You are for those who truly deserves you.






One of the biggest causes as to why a certain country would decline because of the need to transfer/share their resources to other countries in order to benefit or lower their cost…

But at what cost?

Is it for the interest itself as a country?

Or for the interest of the individual citizens of this particular nation?

So who or what should its governing leaders truly needed to prioritize?

Well, yes it may had helped a lot of countries today for its stable economy. And some are turning out to be more powerful than them. The irony of it all.

Moreover, the sad part of it is that such an expense has cost the real citizens of that country to lose what is rightfully theirs.

And this is what has happens in the long run, being fed up of such political and economic policies that makes such conservative and unopenminded people to rise to the occasion. Thus, taking advantage of such a situation by doing one of the biggest and political surprise around the world.

This is truly a hard times, but to never lose hope and be vigilant to what is RIGHT is something that each and everyone around the world should truly be aware of.

The Comparing and Chasing Game in the Social Media

The scary part of what’s happening to us on Facebook, or in other social media sites is that everything has turned into a comparing game. What do I mean by this? It means that each one of us are pressured to do something in order to be IN of what’s happening nowadays in our society; or would feel such self pity within ourselves because we tend to feel insecure to those people who keeps on posting on whatever that is happening in their daily lives and realized, that they already getting way ahead compared to them.

So how do we cope up with it? It’s either we’d also do something similar or would do something beyond who we really are in order to feel inside that we are so much better than them. Well, who cares if they’re already way ahead of us. Or who cares if they’ve already achieved a lot of things compared to ourselves. You know what, it doesn’t really matter at all. What matters is that you are doing something. It may take awhile in order to achieve what we truly want. So let’s not pressure ourselves to do it fast in order to catch up. 

Another thing is that avoid procrastinating. Dream for it. Plan for it. And go for it. But make sure that it’s what you really want. Moreover, when we post a part of our lives in the social media, do it because that’s who we really are and leave those things that should really be kept in private. We share for the reason that we want to inspire, and not because we want to boost our inner ego. So please let us be kind to ourselves. Well, it’s a sad reality that we are on a chase as to who is so much better than the other. Just do things at our own pace and avoid comparing ourselves. Instead, we should focus on our own growth as an individual who knows what he/she truly wants in his or her life. And that is something that would really makes us happy and proud of ourselves. That we are doing and sharing something that is AUTHENTIC.

Stupid is Forever by Miriam Defensor Santiago (Book Review)


Stupid is Forever by Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago is a compilation of her speeches, jokes, pick-up lines delivered or curated by this very famous Filipino public figure. Moreover, this is one of the most hilarious books that I’ve ever read. It may seem so funny but such hilarity really makes a lot of sense.

It is a very small book which can be read for about 1-2 hours straight. And mind you when you will read it in a public place, you can never stop yourself from laughing from one of those lines. Putting out that kind of expression will leave a mark from those people around you; wondering about what you were reading, and which will also spark an interest from them on how good that book truly is.

Well to be honest, I may seem to be a wide reader, but I rarely got the chance to actually read Filipino books. So when I saw this book of Sen. Santiago being widely promoted by my fellow friends on Facebook, that’s when it has gotten me a bit interested; but not to the point of really wanting to buy this. I think it was a month ago, when I was at a local bookstore waiting in line at the Cashier to pay for a book that I’ve also recently bought. I was so intrigued by this girl, asking for her reservations of 5 copies! And then there’s another customer who came to pick up her book reservation! Another 10 copies! Since I’ am a fan of the Senator. That’s when I realized that I’ve just got to have my very own copy of her book! So when it was already my turned to pay at the cashier, I did ask if there’s still an available extra copy. And with only one copy left, luckily I got one! The 175 Pesos (almost $4) of buying it is definitely worth it!


So while reading this, I tend to find this book not just a funny one, but also an eye opener about the reality and ugliness of how politics is being run in the Philippines. And what also fascinated me is that, Sen. Santiago is definitely not afraid to bombard it into the whole world on how she feels about these corrupt politicians, who doesn’t have the real compassion and commitment to serve their fellowmen; but were just after their “Political Interest”. She was not giving names, but based from her descriptions, it did give us an idea who they really are.

It is also the perfect book to read by our Filipino readers. Especially now that the 2016 Presidential Election is on its way. It is something that would really give us a whole new perspective as to why we should vote as wisely as we can. We Filipinos should vote for a candidate based on their “Qualifications” and NOT because of their “Popularity”. For a real politician should not only be intelligent, but should also have the compassion and commitment to serve his fellow countrymen; putting their needs as their biggest priority, by giving them their 100% public service.

You may think that this book is more likely a publicity. Especially when the Senator herself is very open about her Presidential Candidacy; but as reader of this book. It’s not. She is just giving us a real idea that today’s politics is turning out to be a “Frenzy Circus”.

The May 2016 election is now on its way. So a little reminder to each and every one of us Filipinos. Think wisely before we vote a particular candidate to be one of the next leaders of our country. For one vote can really make a lot of difference.

f6789fe1f0a67a856b813f1880c5cf12And to wrap it up, here are my favorite lines from the book,

1. Most people live and learn. Politicians just live.

2. In any Congress, out of 100 people, 2 are honest and intelligent, 10 are criminals, and 88 are good for nothing.

3. The Napoles scandal showed that some politicians are the same all over the country. They promise to build bridges where there are no rivers.

4. Nothing matters more to the future of this nation than to ensure that our young women and men learn to believe in themselves and to believe in their dreams. I believe one of our country’s most priceless assets is the idealism of our young people. My generation has all that it has – not only its love, but also its hope and faith – in your generation.

5. You – the youth who will determine the future of the Philippines – should not only get involved, but also each one of you should be a leader. Leadership is not about personality; it’s about behavior – an observable set of skills and abilities. Leaders are not born; it takes practice to develop the qualities of a leader.

6. Law school is quite easy. It’s like a stroll in the park, but Jurassic Park.

7. A true teacher does not terrorize ignorant students, because a true teacher knows that it is his job to cure ignorance.

8. All professionals in our country need to pass a government exam. Only a politician does not need any kind of preparation to practice.

9. The purpose of a teacher is to teach, not teaching to flunk a class.

10. The paradigmatic teacher is one who inspires you to read on your own.