You Can’t Be Everything to Anyone


You can’t be everything to anyone.

Adjust your life to your environment but do not adjust your life for everyone just so you could cater to their needs or wants. For you are just as vulnerable as anyone out there, and you need to make sure that before giving light for them, always take into consideration if they are not taking advantage of you; that they will do the same when such a time comes for you to need them unexpectedly; that you will not be hurt or disappointed; and of course, if they truly care for you, and not just because you have something that they want or need from you.

And it’s okay to help and be there, but remember, disappointments can be a bit painful especially when you know that you’ve done so much. Be Kind and Helpful but do not let them treat you like a fool or gullible type of human being.

You are not for everyone. You are for those who truly deserves you.



The Many List of 27 Favorites on my 27th Birthday


Today is officially the day I’ve become a young woman who is already in her late 20’s; which also marks another milestone in my life – the day that I would start the new journey of being a 27 years old girl.

Of course, I’m still young but it’s not that young, since I’m also on my way to 30. But thinking about it, I’m sort of having this reaction of “Oh how time flies!”. For a few years ago, I was just in my early 20’s. And now, I look and feel so different from how I used to be back then.

So what do I hope and expect since today is a very special date for me?

Honestly, not much. For I feel so blessed in so many ways that until now, I’m still utterly overwhelmed and grateful to God for everything. Another thing is that, I truly appreciate my family, close friends, and co-workers who’ve always been there for me; and were able to put up with all of my quirkiness. And that is why, every single day I thank him so much for all of it.

But all I hope and pray on this day is that I may always have the strength and courage to do well in everything that I do. That I may prove it to him everyday that I’ am deserving and worthy to be given this wonderful life.

And since today is my most favorite day of the year, and that I annually publish a birthday blog. I would like to share a blog about some little tidbits about me. Something that I’m very fond of doing during my free – which is making tons of list; A list that I would rundown to you from my favorite books, songs, movies, food, places, quotes and a whole lot more. Plus, I’m sharing with you guys all (except for two) of my pictures that were taken this year.

So here are the following lists….


  1. Elizabethtown
  2. Pride and Prejudice
  3. To Kill a Mockingbird
  4. 3 Idiots
  5. LOL (French)
  6. A Good Year
  7. You’ve Got Mail
  8. Before Sunset
  9. Eat Pray Love
  10. Julie and Julia
  11. Ngayon Nandito Ka
  12. To Love Again
  13. In My Dreams
  14. Gone Girl
  15. A Hundred Foot Journey
  16. The King’s Speech
  17. Memoirs of a Geisha
  18. The King’s Speech
  19. Forevermore
  20. To Kill a Mockingbird
  21. The Holiday
  22. The Sound of Music
  23. The Help
  24. Monte Carlo
  25. Jane Eyre
  26. The Lake House
  27. Beastly


  1. You’ll Never Find Another Love Like Mine – Michael Buble and Laura Pausini
  2. Of all the things – Regine Velasquez
  3. A  higher place – Adam Levine
  4. Water under the bridge – Adele
  5. Ambon – Barbie Almalbis
  6. Afraid for love to fade – Kristine Hermosa and Jericho Rosales version
  7. To Love Again by Sharon Cuneta
  8. The way you look tonight – Michael Buble
  9. Never get to hold you – Carly Rae Jepsen
  10. The Sound – The 1975
  11. Are you here? – Corinne Bailey Rae
  12. All of the stars – Ed Sheeran
  13. Army – Ellie Goulding
  14. Take a bow – Madonna
  15. Good friend – Regine Velasquez
  16. Style – Taylor Swift
  17. I’m in trouble -Griffin Peterson
  18. Ikaw nga – South Border
  19. Rise – Katy Perry
  20. Little Sister – Jonathan Clay
  21. Love me like you do – Ellie Goulding
  22. No Walls, No Ceilings, No Floors
  23. Put your arms around me – Texas
  24. Randomantic – James Reid
  25. Lay me down – Sam Smith
  26. Somewhere only we know – Keanne
  27. Araw Gabi by Regina Velasquez


  1. Pride and Prejudice – Jane Austen
  2. An old-fashioned girl -Louisa May Alcott
  3. Garden Spells – Sarah Addison Allen
  4. Before we were strangers – Renee Carlino
  5. The Alchemist – Paulo Coelho
  6. Seventeenth summer -Maureen Daly
  7. Lake News -Barbara Delinsky
  8. The truth about forever – Sarah Dessen
  9. Edenbrooke – Julianne Donaldson
  10. Gone Girl – Gillian Flynn
  11. Where she went -Gayle Forman
  12. Mercy – Julie Garwood
  13. It ends with us -Colleen Hoover
  14. Ugly love – Colleen Hoover
  15. The Nancy Drew Series -Carolyn Keene
  16. Can you keep a secret? – Sophie Kinsella
  17. Memories – Lang Leav
  18. To Kill a Mockingbird – Harper Lee
  19. Forever Black -Sandi Lynn
  20. Every breathe you take – Judith McNaught
  21. Twilight – Stephenie Meyer
  22. The sea of tranquility – Katja Millay
  23. This heart of mine – Susan Elizabeth Phillips
  24. The Villa – Nora Roberts
  25. Small town girl – LaVyrle Spencer
  26. The Harry Potter and Sorcerer’s stone – J.K. Rowling
  27. The Choice by Nicholas Sparks


  1. Camiguin
  2. Manila
  3. Bali, Indonesia
  4. South Korea
  5. Taipei, Taiwan
  6. Machu Picchu, Peru
  7. Pagadian City
  8. Bohol
  9. Coron
  10. Cebu city
  11. Davao city
  12. Tagaytay
  13. Ilocos Sur
  14. Ilocos Norte
  15. Paris
  16. London
  17. Vietnam
  18. New Delhi, India
  19. Bangkok, Thailand
  20. Sagada
  21. Japan
  22. Beijing, China
  23. Seattle
  24. Vancouver
  25. Rome
  26. Amsterdam
  27. Chicago


  1. Chocolate
  2. Carbonara
  3. Tea
  4. Baked Macaroni
  5. Bakas
  6. Spaghetti
  7. Pesto
  8. Sandwhich
  9. Big Mac
  10. Rice Coffee
  11. Dragon fruitshake
  12. Ice Cream – Cookies and Cream
  13. Lasagna
  14. Twister Pizza (KFC)
  15. Chicken Ranch Salad
  16. Vanilla Frappe
  17. Yogurt
  18. Sweet and Sour Chicken
  19. Adobo
  20. Arroz Caldo
  21. Tuna and Broccoli Salad
  22. Pancakes (Jollibee)
  23. Fried Rice
  24. Toasted Bread with Strawberry Jam or Cheese Spread
  25. Beef Steak
  26. PIZZA!!!!
  27. Fried Chicken



  1. Card captor sakura
  2. Fushigi yugi
  3. Ayashino ceres
  4. Flame of Recca
  5. Kaicho wa maid sama
  6. Ghost fighter
  7. Brain powered
  8. Cinderella monogatari
  9. Vampire Knight
  10. Allison and Lillia
  11. Code Geass
  12. La Corda D’oro
  13. Earl and Fairy
  14. Gate Keepers
  15. Honey and Clover
  16. Emma
  17. Vision of Escaflowne
  18. Kimi ni todoke
  19. Nodame Cantabile
  20. Romeo X Juliet
  21. Tsubasa Chronicles
  22. Magic Knights
  23. Winter Sonata
  24. Marmalade Boy
  25. Love Hina
  26. Blood+
  27. Fruits Basket


  1. Descendants of the sun
  2. Winter sonata
  3. My love from the star
  4. Stairway to heaven
  5. Sassy girl Chunyang
  6. Architecture 101
  7. The King’s Wrath or The Fatal Encounter
  8. Daddy Long Legs
  9. The moon embraces the sun
  10. Autumn in my heart
  11. Oh my Venus
  12. The Heirs
  13. Boys over flowers
  14. You’re beautiful
  15. Sungkyunkwan Scandal
  16. Healer
  17. Masters Sun
  18. Angel Eyes
  19. Bride of the century
  20. That winter the wind blows
  21. W-Two Worlds
  22. The Classic
  23. The Truth
  24. Princess Hours
  25. Coffee Prince
  26. My Girl
  27. Spring Waltz



  1. SUITS
  2. North and South
  3. Masterchef
  4. Samantha Brown’s Asia
  5. The Layover
  6. Parts Unknown
  7. The Kitchen Boss
  8. Tastebuds
  9. The Lying Game
  10. Downton Abbey
  11. Emma (2009 BBC Series)
  12. Gossip Girl
  13. New Girl
  14. It takes guts to be a Gutierrez
  15. E News
  16. Dolce Amore
  17. Fashion Police
  18. Everwood
  19. No Reservations
  20. Nigella’s Kitchen
  21. The Greatest Love
  22. Forevermore
  23. On the wings of love
  24. Emily M.D.
  25. OC
  26. Grey’s Anatomy
  27. Be careful with my heart
  28. Hannah Montana


Recipes that I want to learn how to cook or bake…

  1. Baked Garlic Parmesan Chicken Wings
  2. Banoffee Pie
  3. Beef Kaldereta
  4. Biko
  5. Butter Chicken
  6. Buttermilk fried chicken
  7. Champorado
  8. Cheesy Chicken Stuffed
  9. Chicken Cordon Bleu
  10. Chocolate Chip Cookies
  11. Embotido
  12. Frozen Banana and Chocolate Cream Pie
  13. Maja Blanca
  14. One-pot lemon shrimp pasta
  15. Oreo Cheesecake
  16. Siomai
  17. Arroz Valenciana
  18. Chocolate Cake
  19. Cheese Burger Macaroni
  20. Potato Lasagna
  21. Strawberry Ice Cream
  22. Mango Cream Pie
  23. Tom Yum Soup
  24. Puto
  25. Pininyahang Manok
  26.  Mocha Mousse
  27. Churros Con Chocolate

 Family, Close Friends, and Co-Workers who really means a lot to me…

  1. Mama
  2. Papa
  3. Padder
  4. Madder
  5. Ray2x
  6. Ai2x
  7. Ate Donnah
  8. Noreen
  9. Ika
  10. Gladys
  11. Rovie
  12. Jason
  13. Rizelyn
  14. Bernz
  15. Ma’am Tin
  16. Ama
  17. Ma’am Marla
  18. Uncle Manny
  19. Ma’am Nelma
  20. Auntie Amy
  21. Uncle Jun
  22. Ma’am Nelma
  23. Sir Toto
  24. Auntie Lele
  25. Auntie Lala
  26. Kimberly
  27. Ma’am Jeny


  1. When the sun shines on the sea… I think of you… When the dim moonlight is on the spring, I think of you..

  2. Don’t Explain. People hear what the want to hear. -Paulo Coelho

  3. No one is who they pretend to be. -Gayle Forman

  4. You don’t ever find things when you’re looking for them. You find them when you’re not. -Gayle Forman

  5. Seize the day; explore the world; and conquer tomorrow.

6. Things are only weird if you will let them be. -Christina Lauren

7. Nothing brings family together like FOOD. – Buddy Valastro

8. You never know how close you are to reaching it. So never give up on your dreams.

9. If you are going to dream. DREAM BIG.

10. There are some things that the heart never forgets, like how it feels to be loved.

11. I refuse to answer on the grounds that I don’t want to. – Harvey Specter

12. You have to just go with the flow. Your life is not your own, with people coming and in all the time. You get mellow because you have to. -Sarah Dessen

13. Words are wonderful, but every once in a while a few women are lucky enough to have something extra, something wonderful. A real commitment and effort. -Susan Elizabeth Phillips

14. WHAT and IF are two words as non-threatening as words can be. But put them together, side by side, and they have the power to haunt you for the rest of your life. -Letters to Juliet

15. The most important things are the hardest to say.


16. Some books are so familiar that reading them is like being home again. – Louisa May Alcott

17. Don’t even think about running just because the going is getting tougher than ever.

18. Memories is a wonderful thing if you don’t have to deal with the past. -Before Sunset

19. You are what you READ. -You’ve Got Mail

20. Life should not be about the number of breaths you take-out, but the number of moments that take your breath away. -Alexandra Potter


21. Never let the fear of striking out, keep you from playing the game.

22.You can’t know the answer until you ask the question. -Jennifer E. Smith

23. COURAGE is not the absence of fear. But rather the judgement that something else is more important than fear. – Ralph Waldo Emerson


25. No one can make you inferior without your consent. -Eleanor Roosevelt

26. Its the imperfections that make things beautiful. -Jenny Han


And that is all…









Not all our days could be as beautiful as we want it to be. And no matter how it would turn out. There is always a part of that experience that we could reflect ourselves into. Something that would mold us to be stronger than ever; to look forward to a new day with a whole new perspective. So instead of feeling down, you’ve decided to build up more courage within you, and at the same time to show such kindness not just to yourself, but also to all those people around you. For that’s when things will truly and unexpectedly fall into place. Just wait and be patient. I know it’s not going to be easy. But everything is going to be okay. You just have to believe in it. That’s all.

Random Thoughts


I’ve always loved random thoughts, for it’s the little ideas or reflections that would just pop out in the spur of the moment. These are thoughts that are based from my own experiences, and learning’s from the others. I hope this simple blog of mine would be able to motivate and inspire you.

1. Forget about your pride or ego. If there’s something that you wanna do then DO IT! Just forget the consequence. For its better to know that you’ve done something than living your life in regrets.

2. DO NOT COMPARE. Just think about it. How would you feel if you’re the one who’s being compared to?

3. Be sorry for your mistakes. But don’t be sorry for being who you really are.

4. If you can dream it then you can have it. Take a leap of faith. Just go and follow what your hearts truly desires.

5. The best learning experience in traveling is to get lost!

6. It’s when you are lost that you tend to find what you are looking for.

7. We should not look down on people around us. Even if we have a different station in life, but in the eyes of God, we are all the same. But if you think that you are being looked down upon by those people around you. Remember, it’s in your thoughts. So if you’re thinking that way, then snap out of it. As the saying goes, “No one can make you inferior without your consent.”

8. When you’re in a tough situation, and you’re feeling that you’re already tired. Just think that you are not the only one who is feeling that way. All of you will be able to get through this, so instead of feeling weak. Do your best to build more strength and courage for those who really need it.

9. Practice what you preach and walk the talk. So whatever we post in the social media. Make sure that it’s what we really do in reality. That a part of what we share is who we really are.

10. Sometimes not making the choice is the choice.

11. You want to be happy? Start by being at peace within yourself. You’ll be surprise to know that the universe will truly conspire for it to happen because of the wonderful thoughts in all the things around you.

12. You can never go wrong with kindness.

13. Appreciate all the beauty and wonder to all the things around you. And be grateful for it every single day.

14. How nice it is to raise something from ordinary to extraordinary.

15. Sometimes nothing means something.

16. Always be the kind of woman who knows her own mind.
17. There are a lot of things that are going on around us, almost to the point that we are being influenced by it. But at the end of the day, we should at least know who we really are. Just find the courage to be yourself.

18. Sometimes, to think of letting go does not imply that you are giving up. It can also mean that you are trying to let things fall into place. That instead of stressing yourself about it. You try to think that each day is so full of unexpected events; to believe that such thing happens for a reason. And that God have bigger plans for you than you have for yourself.

19. In one of our toughest moments in our life. It is in those moments that we will know who truly loves and cares for us.

20. Always pray and be thankful to God. And lastly, the best prayers are those that are spontaneous and truly from the heart.

Thank you so much for reading! 🙂

Almost a Decade

They say that high school life is one of the best moments of your life. In my case, it wasn’t at first. The reason why is that I had a rough start during my first year to third year in high school (but not all). So you could say that I wasn’t doing well as a student. Why? I’m always sick, which means that I tend to be absent from my classes. Another thing is that, academically I ‘am not doing well, but my grades are still good. Grades that are enough for me to passed all of my subjects. But there was actually a time that I got a failed marked in one of my subjects. And I know it’s embarrassing to admit this but during my third year in high school, my parents have decided for me to go for some tutorials because they’re getting concerned about my performance in school. Plus, the truth is, I actually didn’t passed my entrance exam in high school. But I was given the second chance to retake the exam again provided that I will attend their summer classes.

So looking back at those days, I’ve realized that even if it was such a struggle at first, I’m still grateful for those moments in my life. For I’ve had the chance to go for an immersion somewhere in Taglimao, and that exposure alone have made me appreciate how blessed I ‘am. Then of course, it was in high school that I’ve turned myself into such a reader; but at that time I mostly read some Nancy Drew books, and some classics.

But it was in my fourth year in high school that things were turning around. I’m always present in my classes, and I was doing well in all of my subjects especially in Accounting. And who would have thought that my performance in that subject has made me decided to take it up as my course in college. For at the start of the school year 2006-2007, I was actually thinking of taking up Psychology or Special Education. But along the way, that decision was changed when I took the College Scholastic Aptitude Test (CSAT). For before the test, I was thinking that if I will be able to get the score needed in order for me to take up the Accountancy Program, then it will be my course in college. And it was a surprised! Cause I made it! And it has turned out to be one of the best decisions that I’ve ever made.

I’m writing this because I want to share a part of my life. And I also want inspire others of the idea that even if that there are moments in your life that had a rough start; it wouldn’t actually signify that it’s going to be that way. But of course, that decision to do well would start from us. It’s our life, and we are the ones who have the decision and clear vision on how we want to see it. And that’s what happened to me during that very unforgettable school year. It was then that things were truly shaping up.

Moreover, I also wanna say a big thank you to my friends in high school (even if I’ve already lost contact with them but they will always be in my heart); and of course, my ever 4-Bl.Rupert Mayer Batch 2006-2007. Thank you so much batch mates and Ma’am Gen! You’ve truly made my last year in high school as one of the best moments of my life!

After all these years, I’m still grateful to them; for they’re the ones that has inspired and challenged me to do well during those days. Until now, I still miss that name “JMAX”. So Whenever I hear a batch mate calling me in that old name of mine, it tends to feel like I’m transported back to those days. And if you’re wondering on how I got that name, it was during our Physics class that our teacher was talking about H-max, and since I smile and laugh too much. A classmate of mine has taken it at first as a joke! Calling me J-max! And everyone in our class was so used to it that it has turned out to be my nickname all throughout the school year.

Again, it is all thanks to my classmates during my last year in high school. For they’ve made it more memorable and special. Plus, I’m so grateful to those moments that I’ve shared with them. It was also because of them that I’ve inspired myself to do well academically. Well, of course I was never an honor student. But at least, during that school year I was so challenged and motivated; in which along the way I have never thought that it was during that year that I’ve finally found the answer in which direction I wanted to go after graduating high school.


Moreover, I would also like to dedicate this blog of mine to my teacher and class moderator of 4-Bl. Rupert Mayer, Ma’am Gen Gaya-Koh. Although, she doesn’t teach there anymore for she now lives in abroad with her husband. I’ am also grateful to her for being part of our lives; for being the second mother in our class. And what’s amazing about her is that even if it’s been almost a decade since we’ve graduated. My batch mates and I truly appreciate the efforts that she does for all of us! For she made a Facebook page for our batch in order for us to still communicate, and of course, to get an updates on what’s new in our lives. Plus, she is also the one who actually coordinates our reunion! Talk about a mother who is always there for her kids even if she’s already miles away from them.

And lastly, who would have thought that it’s been almost a decade since we’ve graduated in high school. But still, we will always treasure those bittersweet memories. Such lessons and experiences that we have learned in which has guide us to be who we really are today. Moreover, our 10th year reunion is almost on its way. Hopefully, it’s going to be a big reunion!

Thank you so much for reading! 🙂


Love More and Worry Less


Sometimes, I truly admire candid people. Why? For they are sometimes the brave one’s. That if they show such real concern about some people. They themselves will tell it to that person. And not let the others do the job for them. So if there’s someone out there that does something that we do not like. Please, have the guts to tell it to their face BUT in a gentle and kind manner. I’m sure they’re also brave enough to accept such criticism. It just doesn’t seem nice acting you’re okay in front of that person that concerns you, and when he/she turns their back, that’s the time that you’ll fret about them. So they didn’t know that they’ve actually done something that was already disturbing. And that act alone doesn’t show such real concern.
Moreover, it saddens me that there are some people out there who keeps on complaining. Always remember, that no matter how hard life truly is, just think that we are still blessed. Of course, we all have our struggles, and at the end of the day, we are also the one’s who will be facing it. So be strong. And don’t spend each day grumbling. Don’t you know that WHEN YOU THINK MORE OF WHAT YOU HAVE, THE LESS YOU’LL COMPLAIN OF WHAT YOU DON’T HAVE? So be GRATEFUL EVERY SINGLE DAY. Plus, don’t forget to START THE DAY WITH A BIG SMILE! 😀

EDUCATION: Our Key for a Brighter Tomorrow


EDUCATION is one of our greatest keys in order to have the right footing in our society. But it is our LEADERS who have the power, and the privilege to make a change. The power that they will either use for the greater good of his people, or the power that will also destroy them. It is not an easy responsibility. For they’ve been given that privilege, and with that comes SPECIFIC OBLIGATION. The Obligation to do something that will change the lives of his people. And if he can do it by giving importance in education, then there would be a ripple effect in our society.


So when I first heard the news about Mary Jane Veloso, and her situation that have led for her to do such a thing in order to support her family. It was then that I’ve suddenly remembered this quote from a particular movie. It was a line that have always been a part of me. Something that I’ve memorized from the heart. I guess its because it may seem to be a simple line; but it holds a real truth about the ugliness in our society, and as to one of the many root causes of it all