Unplugging During My Road Trips to the Beach


“Disconnecting in order to reconnect.”

A realization that came over me during those short road trips to the beach.

The thing is I think it’s best to disconnect and unplugged from technology every now and then, because one of the most authentic moments happens when we really connect ourselves to those people around us. However, I’ am so NOT talking about connecting via social media, chatting, texting, or calling. It’s about spending quality time with them without being stuck into our gadgets. Just leave it somewhere, and capture the actual experience yourself.

Furthermore, when it comes to taking photos of every mundane things that are happening into our lives; no camera could ever really capture the beauty and wonder to all the things that are happening right in front of you. So be in the moment, and take it all in. Which is by the way, more special than any photo in our gadgets, or albums. For the unforgettable memories stored into our minds and hearts are the ones that we should truly treasure.

And lastly, this thing called “Technology” is there to help us ease our day to day living. But, it is not something that we should depend on especially when its slowly disconnecting us to what is REAL.

Thank you so much for reading! πŸ™‚


The Comparing and Chasing Game in the Social Media

The scary part of what’s happening to us on Facebook, or in other social media sites is that everything has turned into a comparing game. What do I mean by this? It means that each one of us are pressured to do something in order to be IN of what’s happening nowadays in our society; or would feel such self pity within ourselves because we tend to feel insecure to those people who keeps on posting on whatever that is happening in their daily lives and realized, that they already getting way ahead compared to them.

So how do we cope up with it? It’s either we’d also do something similar or would do something beyond who we really are in order to feel inside that we are so much better than them. Well, who cares if they’re already way ahead of us. Or who cares if they’ve already achieved a lot of things compared to ourselves. You know what, it doesn’t really matter at all. What matters is that you are doing something. It may take awhile in order to achieve what we truly want. So let’s not pressure ourselves to do it fast in order to catch up. 

Another thing is that avoid procrastinating. Dream for it. Plan for it. And go for it. But make sure that it’s what you really want. Moreover, when we post a part of our lives in the social media, do it because that’s who we really are and leave those things that should really be kept in private. We share for the reason that we want to inspire, and not because we want to boost our inner ego. So please let us be kind to ourselves. Well, it’s a sad reality that we are on a chase as to who is so much better than the other. Just do things at our own pace and avoid comparing ourselves. Instead, we should focus on our own growth as an individual who knows what he/she truly wants in his or her life. And that is something that would really makes us happy and proud of ourselves. That we are doing and sharing something that is AUTHENTIC.

Aim for Authenticity

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In today’s modern era of “Social Media” and “Modern Technology” were almost anything under the sun are being thrown out of the closet. I think its very important that no matter what we do. We should always aim for “Authenticity”. Doing things out of a real sense of purpose. Not just because that is what they are doing that we should just follow them. Do it because it collides within our personality and ideas. Moreover, to make it different in our own little unique way. And for that we are still maintaining the real side of ourselves.