Unplugging During My Road Trips to the Beach


“Disconnecting in order to reconnect.”

A realization that came over me during those short road trips to the beach.

The thing is I think it’s best to disconnect and unplugged from technology every now and then, because one of the most authentic moments happens when we really connect ourselves to those people around us. However, I’ am so NOT talking about connecting via social media, chatting, texting, or calling. It’s about spending quality time with them without being stuck into our gadgets. Just leave it somewhere, and capture the actual experience yourself.

Furthermore, when it comes to taking photos of every mundane things that are happening into our lives; no camera could ever really capture the beauty and wonder to all the things that are happening right in front of you. So be in the moment, and take it all in. Which is by the way, more special than any photo in our gadgets, or albums. For the unforgettable memories stored into our minds and hearts are the ones that we should truly treasure.

And lastly, this thing called “Technology” is there to help us ease our day to day living. But, it is not something that we should depend on especially when its slowly disconnecting us to what is REAL.

Thank you so much for reading! 🙂


Reading is a Great Comfort

Reading books is such a great comfort from all the stress especially when you’re also feeling kind of burned out and all. Making you at ease and enlightened with such great wisdom, knowledge, and inspiration from what you’ve just read. A profound thought as to why it is such a beautiful hobby. So read, whatever different kinds of reading materials that you could get your hands on. Cause it is our source of food and relaxation into our minds.




One of the biggest causes as to why a certain country would decline because of the need to transfer/share their resources to other countries in order to benefit or lower their cost…

But at what cost?

Is it for the interest itself as a country?

Or for the interest of the individual citizens of this particular nation?

So who or what should its governing leaders truly needed to prioritize?

Well, yes it may had helped a lot of countries today for its stable economy. And some are turning out to be more powerful than them. The irony of it all.

Moreover, the sad part of it is that such an expense has cost the real citizens of that country to lose what is rightfully theirs.

And this is what has happens in the long run, being fed up of such political and economic policies that makes such conservative and unopenminded people to rise to the occasion. Thus, taking advantage of such a situation by doing one of the biggest and political surprise around the world.

This is truly a hard times, but to never lose hope and be vigilant to what is RIGHT is something that each and everyone around the world should truly be aware of.

Patience is Everything.


Would you believe if I tell you that I’m that type of person before who throws a lot of tantrums whenever I’m so mad at something, and would just shout out of nowhere?

Yes, I used to be that person. And I know it took a lot of guts for me to be honest about that side of me. But since I’m writing about patience, then I should be bold enough to share it.

The thing is that I’m not proud of that attitude of mine, and it’s not the kind of person that I wanted to be. So I’ve changed. I’ve decided to become a better person; molded and enlightened by an experience that I will never ever forget. And along the way, I was proud of my improvements.

So how did I do it? It’s by thinking and living of the idea that “Patience is a virtue.”

But the biggest trick is to use the “Power of Pause.”

How do I do it?

Whenever I’ll feel like there’s such anger boiling within me, or I’m on the verge of losing it.

I would just PAUSE for a few seconds…
Count from 1 2 3…4 5 6….
And Breathe…

And after that, I would feel a little better. Not much. But I know, I’m finally okay.

It wasn’t easy at first but I’m pleased to say that I’ve finally been able to control that sudden tantrum of mine.

So why did I entitled my blog “Patience is everything.”?

The reason is that from the moment that I’ve learned to control myself to be more patient. There were a lot of things that I’ve discovered whenever a person is more patient not just to himself, but also to all the things around him.

And here are the following realizations that I’ve learned,

It takes a lot of patience to WAIT…

It takes a lot of patience to FORGIVE.

It takes a lot of patience to be UNDERSTANDING.

It takes a lot of patience to be KIND.

It takes a lot of patience to LOVE.

It takes a lot of patience to be FAITHFUL.

It takes a lot of patience to LET GO.

It takes a lot of patience to CHANGE.

It takes a lot of patience to be STRONG.

It takes a lot of patience to be BRAVE.

And lastly, it takes a lot of patience to be a GOOD PERSON.

So you see, patience can lead to a lot of good things in a person’s life.

Actually, I’ve had a lot of realizations about it. But so far, these are the key points that have molded me to become a better person.

However, I’m far from trying to be a perfect one, for I’m just a mind wanderer who’s trying her best to live a wonderful and meaningful life.
Thank you so much for reading! 🙂



Not all our days could be as beautiful as we want it to be. And no matter how it would turn out. There is always a part of that experience that we could reflect ourselves into. Something that would mold us to be stronger than ever; to look forward to a new day with a whole new perspective. So instead of feeling down, you’ve decided to build up more courage within you, and at the same time to show such kindness not just to yourself, but also to all those people around you. For that’s when things will truly and unexpectedly fall into place. Just wait and be patient. I know it’s not going to be easy. But everything is going to be okay. You just have to believe in it. That’s all.

Ferris Wheel



Life is definitely a Ferris wheel, for there may be times that as you go up, things just seem so happy and merry. But as you go down, you’ll tend to experience a lot of challenging moments to overcome. And then the cycle goes on and on; just turning and all. Its life and it’s a fact that nothing is ever going to be permanent in our lives. So when you’re UP, just enjoy the ride, and when you go DOWN just prepare yourself of what’s going to happen so that you can go back on being on top again.

Thank you so much for reading! 🙂

Black and White


It’s getting cold…
So black and white…
It might be daunting…
But there’s this hope for the light…
The strength that makes me strong from all of this emotional turmoil.
For I know, after this, I will be fiercer than before.
Just breathe…
Just be patient…
Just wait…
One day…
Everything will truly make sense…
I will have all the answers that I’ve been looking for.
Just go with the flow…
I will be brave…
For God is with me…
Cause if I will give up.
It would mean that I’ve lost faith in him, and to everything that I believe in.
So I will not.
This is just another challenge…
To overcome…
To show to the world how vigorous I’ am.
That I’m fighting once again for what my mind and heart truly desires…
And I will smile and be grateful all throughout…
Because I know, (after all the battles that I’ve been through)…
That I’ am a fighter!